Wood harvester and chipper

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Pruning chipper - PC50

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Chamomile harvester

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"We do everything possible, we will try to do the

impossible, we are working for miracles!"


  • The Workshop: ONG is well equipped for agricultural and construction machinery repairs. Our specialized technicians are able to supply assistance to every kind of tractor, even outside our headquarters.

  • Carpentry and boring: The company is provided of all machinery needs for the construction of metal parts and components on customer request; nevertheless, ONG offers a boring service with overlay welding.

  • Products: ONG focuses on the agricultural and energy world in an innovative and efficient way. It offers as flagship product an innovative areator ripper and a wood chipper which is unrivaled on the market.

  • Projects and prototypes: Thanks to the design and construction abilities of the founder, Naldoni Domenico, ONG has developed innovative prototype related to wood and pruning chipper, chamomile and lavender harvesting and much more.


Mission: "We do everything possible, we will try to do the impossible, we are working for miracles!"

Vision: ONG snc focuses on quality and efficiency of its products and services as ultimate goal, providing to its customers lean and original solutions. Nevertheless, ONG is always ready to look ahead and to sustain technological innovation in agricultural and energy field.

Construction machinery repairs

Carpentry and boring

Innovative products

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